Content repurposing is the art of reformatting a resource that already exists, and reworking it in a number of different ways. It is a great way to build an online profile and really is the epitome of working smarter and not harder … something I embrace.

Repurposed content can be adapted to many forms of multimedia and gives you the opportunity to create a vast number of resources to use in so many ways. Once you have developed your articles, it’s easy to repurpose them into smaller articles, scripts for multimedia files such as audio and video formats and blog posts.

However, articles aren’t the only resource to repurpose. Your primary source could be as simple as product specifications and manuals. Almost anything can be repurposed, so creating content from existing business activities is easily done. The challenge is knowing what to do with it.

Begin by making an assessment of the original resources you have available and make think about how they can be repurposed. For example, any recordings, from training sessions, presentations or chats with colleagues, can be recorded and transcribed. The recordings make excellent audio files to post on your website and the transcribed copy can be repurposed for blogs, web articles or for posting on social media and business platforms. Even your blog posts and online tips and tricks can be made into an ebook and used to draw site traffic.

When it comes to content, what works best is a combination of all three major formats – text, audio and video. Spread across different places, the chances of attracting different audiences is greatly increased. By presenting content in a variety of ways, you can meet the needs of people with different learning styles. Displaying the information via a smorgasbord of formats will reward you with maximum reach.

If you don’t have any original resources, professional content writers can create a unique articles that can be written, condensed and spun into various scripts and copy in preparation for repurposing into multimedia content.

If you’re not sure where to start, I might be able to help. Contact Me if you have any questions.