What is Bouncing Ideas

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Bouncing Ideas is an informal digital marketing mastermind group for any business owner who wants to expand their business online. Whether you’re a business owner who has already taken your business online and want to learn more about what options there are available to you, or you are considering taking your business online partially or totally. Join and meet, chat with and get feedback from supportive and open minded colleagues trying to achieve the same things you are.

How Does It ‘WORK?’

Originally Bouncing Ideas was a local community get together of like minded people all wishing to learn more about digital marketing, but since the group is about digital marketing I thought it would be better as an online group. So the sessions are either webinars or hangouts, some pre taped and some live. All you have to do is register to be notified when they’re on. And if you’re available join in, if you miss out on live sessions, you’ll get another email with a link to watch it at your leisure.


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