For my birthday last year my sister (who joined a local gym to lose some weight and get fit) gave me a one month membership voucher with 4 personal training sessions. Having been a gym junkie in a previous stage of my life, I was eager to get back into it. And whilst at my initial consultation with the owner Harry Carlon, he asked me if I could help him with his website and marketing.

This has been a dream project from the beginning. Harry was not happy with his current site, which was actually only four months old anyway and I had even noticed that it wasn’t working well, links were broken and the general layout was not good. So I made some suggestion to him of what he could be doing and what I would do if this was my business. And essentially he gave me free reign. Obtaining that sort of trust from a client is rare, generally they have their own ideas and desires and want you to execute them, but Harry just told me the core things he wanted the site to do and let me decide on the rest.

There is so much a website for this type of business can be doing so not only was I in charge of the site construction and development, but I had enormous input into marketing concepts, business system streamlining and social media marketing. The core essence is ;life changing habits for fitness and nutrition so I have introduced a number of things to help promote that. And we are still going. Once we do one project, Harry is ready to move onto the next. I am enjoying doing the gyms’ marketing as much as I am enjoying the gym and the health and fitness program that is it’s core.

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