I grew up using “The Commonsense Cookbook”. It was the kitchen bible for many generations and every school student in NSW high schools from the early 30’s to the end of the 70’s used it as their text book. Everyone had one and everyone loved it. But as we moved closer to the 21st century, the way we cooked changed. It was more about food assembly than cooking from scratch. Convenience foods changed the way we ate. And so, the bibles we used had to change too.

In 2001 I began working with Federal Publishing and Woolworth’s to present the Fresh Today cooking segments on Channels 7 and 9. While doing this gig I had an idea to recreate The Commonsense Cookbook and approached Woolworth’s about co branding it, which I’m happy to say they agreed to. The book contains all the base recipes and skills and techniques one needs to be a competant cook, and with practice even a good one. It focused on preparing fresh ingredients, which of course was Woolworth’s motto “The Fresh Food People”, and so the marriage was launched.

The book was a huge success, selling out in a matter of months (100,000 copies), and it became the core drive behind the digital foodie profile I now have. The book was out of print for some time but will be available again shortly to coincide with the launch of my new food site Victoria Hansen Food,  in 2015. It will be available Print on Demand (POD), as a Kindle Edition, as an eBook PDF and soon an App. The book was first self-published in September 2003 and released Australia wide through Woolworth’s stores.