BiteSize Cooking radio vignettes launched in December 2005 and have won two Australian Food Media Awards for Radio. 71 Australian radio stations aired the segment in their first month and more than 90% of those stations subscribed to them for the next 12 months. They have aired on some of Australia highest profile stations including 2GB and 2CH and the Australian Radio Network across Australia.

Each 45 second vignette coverers an aspect of food preparation, cooking, ingredients, health, kitchen equipment and appliances and nutrition. The segments are still on air today, some eight years later. You can listen to some samples to the left.

You can air BiteSize Cooking on your station or you can purchase the scripts or cold segments without the closing calls to action to my websites.

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If you are interested in airing BiteSize Cooking on your radio station, or to use the segments as Messages on Hold, or would like to buy the scripts or cold segments without branding,please fill in your details below and I will contact you shortly.