Web Development

A Web site is simply a collection of documents, images, and other electronic files that are publicly accessible across the Internet. But it’s also an information flow, with you as the provider and your site visitors as the receivers of the information. If you don’t plan your website with this in mind right from the start, you could find yourself with a brand new website that solves all your immediate needs… but not those of your site visitors.

Your site needs to be designed to meet your online objectives and should be developed with your target market in mind. As much time should be spent in the planning stage as in the construction phase. By going through this process, you will be able to develop the best blueprint or storyboard for your proposed Website.

Before you even start to create your Web site, you must clearly define your online objectives. What is the purpose of your site? What are your primary and secondary objectives. Every element of your site should relate back to your objectives. When you decide to update, add, or change any elements on your Web site, examine how these changes relate to the primary and secondary objectives you have identified. It’s amazing how many Web sites have been developed without adequate planning or without ensuring that the Web site ties in with the corporate objectives.

Some of the most common primary objectives include…

  • Advertising your product or service
  • Selling your product or service
  • Providing customer service and support
  • Providing product or corporate information
  • Creating and establishing brand identity and brand awareness or company identity and awareness.
Although setting your primary objectives is vital, it is just as important to identify your secondary objectives. By setting appropriate secondary objectives, you will be more prepared to achieve all of your online goals. Many companies and individuals identify only primary objectives for their Web site and completely neglect secondary objectives that can help them succeed online. Following are some common secondary objectives to consider.

Your site should …

  • Be designed to be search engine friendly.
  • Be designed to encourage repeat traffic.
  • Have viral marketing elements that encourage visitors to recommend your products or services to others.
  • Incorporate permission marketing, where visitors are encouraged to give you permission to send them e-mail, newsletters, and e-specials on a regular basis.
  • Be designed to encourage customer loyalty.
  • Incorporate stickiness, encouraging visitors to stay a while and visit many areas of the site.
I can advise you on the creation of full business or e-commerce websites or simple blog sites, depending on your needs. I specialise in WordPress but also have experience with other platforms. My focus is not just on the visual aspect of a site, I use my digital marketing expertise and experience to ensure your site has everything you’ll need now and in the future. Anticipation is a key factor in what I do and I know enough about online business to be able to anticipate features you may not have even yet considered.


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