Technology Training

There are two areas of technology training I specialise in – ‘Basic Computer and Mobile Device Training ‘and ‘WordPress Mastery’. They are a far cry from each other and the clients I have for each bear no resemblance. But each type of training is in big demand, especially if it’s clear, concise and in layman terms, which is what I specialise in.

I create several online tutorials in a number of subject areas but my technology training falls into the wto categories just mentioned – basic computer and mobile device training and the WordPress platform. I have two tutorial portals – I’m A Dinosaur and WordPress Webby. Both are in their early stages but have a lot of response. I do many local one-on-one sessions predominantly with retirees who want to know more about using technology and the WordPress tutorials are currently one-on-one remotely online using Skype and TeamViewer. But the new site is in development and will be ready shortly.

The tutorials on I’m A Dinosaur will be a mixture of ones I have created and ones I have found online to be excellent and worth sharing. The research to find the good ones is time consuming and I will only share ones I think do a good job. They have to have audio with the narrator able to speak fluent English. They need to be recorded in high definition and full screen so that when the video is expanded to full screen it is not blurry, and they need to be succinct and cover the main points without a lot of other dribble thrown in.

For WordPress Webby, I do all the videos unless I find another one that is exceptional for a plugin I use, and these are usually done by the plugin developers and are already so good, I don’t need to replicate them. But this is rare. And the types of tutorials covered are how to use plugins, configure them or customize them, plus how to customise your site to the way you want. Both sites are in their infancy and growing, but I also do many free tutorials through the site blog that are worth subscribing to.

If you feel you’re a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to technology… you’re not alone. You’d be surprised at what good company you’re in. Many people have computers, but few can do more than login into their email client and receive and send emails, and some can’t even do that unless it’s completely set up for them and all they have to do is click an icon.

Learning computer and mobile technology can open up a whole new world of opportunities to communicate with friends and loved ones all over the globe, not to mention what learning to create your own website can do for your online business and profile, and your pocket.

You don’t need to be a techno whizz to learn and use technology. I can show you how to make life easier and more efficient by showing you everything from: how to turn the computer on, how to email, how to use social media to connect with family and friends, how to connect with loved ones while you travel and know how to do day to day tasks, like banking, from the comfort of your own home, how to install WordPress on your hosting platform of choice, how to install a theme, customise the theme, find and install plugins to enable your site to do anything you want it to do. Nothing is impossible when you know how.

So don’t feel ashamed of how little you know. A one on- one session with me either face to face if you’re local or via Skype and TeamViewer, or attending one of my webinars or subscribing to the tutorials and learning at your own pace will have you tech savvy in now time!


Need Some Help Understanding Today's Technology?

If technology eludes you and you feel like a dinosaur in this digital age, I can help you. I can work with you one-on-one, or you can subscribe to my online tutorials and learn at your own pace. Lets have a chat!