I began corporate training in 1992 at the same time I released my first book “Good Better Best”, which I wrote when I also started on the speaking circuit. They happened at the same time because one led to another. If you read my portfolio entry for “Professional Speaking”, you’ll see how this started. Upon presenting keynotes for companies at their conferences and retreats, I was often invited to the organization to run training workshops on the topics I spoke about. These were predominantly to professionals (accountants, lawyers) who until that time had not had to market themselves. But as regulations changed and competition grew, professionals who had traditionally sat back and waited for the clients to come to them, had to start selling themselves and their firms to the clients. And so I would conduct half and full day training workshops on how to market yourself before you market your business.

The workshops were very successful and one led to another because all the professionals were connected in their own networks. I conducted training workshops alongside my keynote presentations until I moved into media in 1996. The speaking continued but the workshops petered out over time. I still present workshops, but not on communication skills, I now specialise in digital marketing.

I also taught at Macleay College for many years on communication skills and personal marketing, as well as being trained as a high school Home Economics Teacher.

I am a big advocate of employee training whether it is for a specific position or general motivation and guidance. As a school teacher, education is high on my list of must haves for a successful business. As an employer, particularly of contractors, I know my business would not run nor be successful without the training I give on a daily basis.

It’s not enough to assign a job or task to an employee or contractor, they need to be monitored and encouraged on a daily basis and even new task assigned should be accompanied by its own individual training and assessment program.

Training need not be one-on-one, or even live in a group, it can be online and on demand, which is the way of the future and the way to ensure your employees/contractors are well informed without it costing you the earth or valuable work time. Training can be as simple as allocating set times to each staff member each week. The sessions can be set up on an online platform where they login to view the videos or audios, or read articles and their attendance is recorded is the platform, then questionnaires are given at the end to assess their comprehension. Or, the traditional method can be employed where participants are gathered at the same time and someone delivers the information. It all depends on your preference, budget and time frame availability.

Which ever method you choose, make sure you do it regularly because according to studies and surveys, staff training produces some great results, such as:

  • Improved quality of work
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater flexibility and responsiveness to change
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Less time wastage
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Greater commitment from staff
  • Higher staff retention rate
  • Improved morale

Besides and perhaps topping the list of the benefits is that often overlooked fact that through the training, employees/contractors skills are recognized and they feel that they are being valued by the company. Happy employees means happy customers and more profits.

My preference for training is online. It provides flexibility for busy people and companies and once created, can be reviewed over and over as required, for refreshers or as new employees/contracts are engaged.

I can show you how to produce training programs for your products, services, systems, online procedures, business tasks, or pretty much anything you need. I can help you create videos, audio programs, assessment programs and questionnaires, live to tape presentations and screen capture instructional tutorials. Or, I can come to you and deliver a program to your staff, or record a member of your staff delivering a program and create a video of it for you.


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