Screen Capture Tutorials

Digital education is the way of the future. You can pretty much learn anything online. Sometimes the tutorials are exceptional, and sometimes they leave a lot to be desired.

Using screen capture tutorials to educate customers, staff or students makes a lot of sense. It’s quick, immediate, always accessible and everlasting. Once created it can be posted and made available on an ongoing basis for everyone that needs to learn its contents.

The keys to successful online screen capture tutorials are clarity and brevity. Whilst it’s easy to put on a headset and start recording while you mosey around your computer screen chatting away and verbalising all the thoughts in your head while you demonstrate something, not everyone wants to hear what’s inside your head. They want to know how to do what you’re demonstrating and they want to know yesterday.

They also want to hear the instruction clearly and ideally without all the ‘ums and ahs’ you express while you’re thinking about what to say next.

I have been producing screen capture tutorials for my own businesses and client’s since 2008. I still use the same screen capture software I started with because I haven’t found anything better. But my technique and skill has improved with practice and progress and I now pride myself on creating exceptional screen capture tutorials.

There is an art, a method and a format for creating great if not exceptional screen capture tutorials for anything that can be demonstrated on a computer screen. I can teach you how to master the art. Let’s chat to see what best works for you.


Need to Create Screen Capture Tutorials?

I can show you how to create them! All you need is a good headset, screen capture software and the knowhow.