Remote Contractor Recruitment

Crowdsourcing is the buzzword for the 21st century, but not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon yet. I can understand why, it can be daunting. Hiring someone is a big risk at the best of times, and even after meeting them and talking to them, you still never know. But hiring someone you might never meet and cannot make assessment of from nonverbal cues is enough to make most business owners run for the hills. But, with the right systems in place, it is possible to find extremely talented and loyal contractors all over the world and work with the remotely, very satisfactorily.

Crowdsourcing is kind of like building a company without actually building a company. It’s a remarkable way to offer your customers the whole nine yards, without having to build a business empire. The most obvious reason for crowdsourcing is the reduced cost of establishing and managing an in-house department for any given task. Overheads such as staffing, training or even office rental are all eliminated. With crowdsourcing, you don’t have to ‘hire’ in the traditional sense, so you only pay for work that has been done.

Theodore Roosevelt aptly expressed the benefits of delegation when he said “The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done”. Often in business, we dilute the skills of our staff as more tasks need to be completed, yet there aren’t enough people to do them. We ‘load’ staff members to complete jobs they were not employed to do or do not have the knowledge and skills to do well. With crowdsourcing, you can simply hire one person to do one task. The result is expertise at the top level. Through crowdsourcing, you can hire extremely talented people to achieve things that you simply cannot do alone in a particular time frame. Crowdsourcing is all about expertise. We cannot be all things to all people, however, each and every one of us has a ‘talent’. By tapping into those talents through the simple art of delegation, you can free up your own precious time to work on your business rather than just in it. Crowdsourcing specific tasks to experts in one field will ensure excellence in the final job or product. It just makes good business sense.

I have been hiring remote contractors since 2009 and my core team are still with me today. They are integral to my business and I could not do what I do without them.But my first foray into the crowdsourcing world was not necessarily smooth and there were many hiccups and disappointments. But once I created a system and learnt the lay of the land, hiring new contractors, from anywhere in the world, has become second nature for me, and you can do it too, with a little help from me.

I can show you the process so that you can be your own recruiter, or I can set up the systems for you to run with, or I can do the recruiting for you.


Wondering What You Could Hire a Remote Contractor To Do?

Call me to have a chat and I'll tell you, you'll be surprised how many of your day to day tasks can be delegated enabling you to work on your business instead of always in it!