Product Manual Conversion

We live in a digital society yet the number of companies who still produce paper manuals or PDF downloadable product manuals is astounding. Whilst these still have their place with some consumers, more and more people want the convenience of the information at their fingertips, so that means mobile versions of them.

In order to achieve that, the manual’s contents need to be added to a website that has been set up on a responsive template.  When I use the word “responsive” in terms of web design I mean that the entire layout responds based on the user’s screen resolution. So that when the URL is accessed from a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, the information is displayed differently so it can be easily read without the viewer having to pinch or resize the screen to read what’s on it.

The website is then used as the basis for an App. All the content is actually in a website but the App acts as a conduit to it.

If your manual has diagrams and images that illustrate ways to do things, these can be animated using 2D and 3D motion graphics which will explain easily and succinctly to the viewer how something works or needs to be programmed. All of this can be done in an edit suite by a qualified and skilled editor.

I can show you how to transform your paper manuals, your imagery and diagrams and turn them into motion graphic demonstrations of your products features, benefits and mechanics. You can then set these up on responsive websites and link to them via an App. All you have to do then is advertise your App manual on your website via a link or via a QR code on the packaging of your product that directs your new customer to download the App Manual.

If you have several products that only vary slightly by one or two features, it’s possible to create a number of animations that are stored behind the scenes on hidden web pages and are accessed by a Contents List on the App Home Page. This is particularly useful for companies who have various models of the same product where each model only has one or two differentiating features.

Above is an example of a transformed PDF manual into a 2D motion graphics animation then edited into a video with voice over.

NB: These examples were executed without the company’s knowledge as a sample of what can be achieved, and is by no means comprehensive. Parts of the manual were used to best illustrate what can be done.


Imagine How Much Your Customers will Love a Mobile Manual!

If you have a written manual, I can show you how to turn it into a mobile App. Lets have a chat and see what we can create!