Yes that’s right, you can now BOOK TIME WITH ME to PICK MY BRAIN, about ANY OF MY AREAS OF EXPERTISE!!

Why Pick My Brain?

I am always getting calls from friends and colleagues asking me if they can buy me a coffee, or have a quick chat to pick my brain, and so I thought I would set up this service for people who maybe aren’t as close friends as those who usually call, but might benefit from the digital knowledgebase I have. So ‘Pick My brain’ was born.
Because I am an insatiable learner, I spend a great deal of my time online searching for the answers to the questions I have about the digital delivery of content and marketing oneself or business digitally.
And as I have spent the vast majority of my career without regular or fruitful cash flow, sometimes there just wasn’t enough money to pay a professional to do a job, so I quite simply just learnt how to do it myself.

Amazing Knowledgebase: And the skills of 10+ Digital Careers!

This, coupled with the professional experience I gained working in media, has afforded me a skill set ‘matched by few’! And not wishing to boast but simply stating a fact, I quite literally have the skills, experience and expertise of 10 or more digital careers. So, picking my brain’ could be the best thing you do for your business!


My Areas of Expertise

Just to give you an idea of the repository of knowledge I have, here’s just a few of the areas of expertise I can advise you on, and also teach you to do…
  • Setting Up Your Website for Content Delivery
  • Streaming Media
  • Content Strategy, Scheduling and Production
  • Multimedia Production (Video and Audio)
  • Multicamera Video Production
  • Podcasting
  • Professional Presenting and Speaking
  • Screen Capture Tutorials
  • Working with Remote Contractors

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I now use Clarity.fm when scheduling calls for advice or coaching. You can book a call with me by clicking the request a call button below and only pay for the time you use. Rate works out at US$100 an hour.