Multimedia Production

You’ve heard it before ‘people will believe what they see more often than what they read or hear’. Whether or not you believe that, there’s no doubt that videos capture attention immediately. An online video will start communicating with you before you can find a way to make it stop, so there’s little chance of you avoiding a measure of absorption from a clever video. The impact of video can be tremendous on viewers. In a business sense, marketing with videos is one of the best and most effective ways to promote your company, products or services.

This multimedia world that we find ourselves in, has managed to place a video screen just about everywhere, even our phones can access video files on the go. This means everywhere someone might try to access you or your business, there should be a video telling them about you.

Video production is a sweeping term that encompasses a number of functions … from taping or shooting via a video camera, through to editing and finally onto distribution of the finished product. It is sometimes referred to as videography and is the equivalent of film making, but with images being recorded digitally rather than on film.

In a business environment, happy snap videoing will just not cut it. Although there is some amazing video editing software available these days, where you can add in all manner of elements – text, music, and colour, screen transitions and so on, but a professionally produced video to sell you and your business, is invaluable. It’s a smart business decision to engage professionals to produce relevant and remarkable videos that tell your story succinctly and exactly.

As the interest in web videos is growing, the pursuit of multimedia video production is also on the rise. In terms of video production services, it’s one of the few things in life where size doesn’t matter. A skilled, but small, video production company can address many of the needs of most online business, from green screen technology, special effects, virtual sets and everything in between.

The challenge is to end up with a video that is responsive, visually appealing, and pay for itself many times over. Good video production results in the end product being truly compelling. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or clever your video is, if it doesn’t excite your audience enough to take the next step toward becoming a customer, it’s simply not doing its job!

The mechanics of the video production process should begin with a storyboard. It will help you identify what you’re going to need before shooting begins. It will also determine the finer details, like locations, props, people and budget. By the time the production process begins, and the camera starts rolling, everyone involved should know what their roles are and how the shoot will pan out.

Post production then steps up to the plate. It’s where all the bits and bobs are organised and edited before being merged in the final leg of the production process. This is where true artists reside. Post production is the critical factor in the success of a video.

I began my presenting career as a corporate speaker and trainer then moved into television and radio. I have produced hundreds of videos and audios for clients and several more for my own businesses. My daily 45 second radio vignette has been in Australian radio stations since 2005, airing a new segment every weekday 260 days a year.I produce several interview style podcasts as well as video blogs in addition to my scripted video production and adlib YouTube cooking show, which I solely present and produce with a 4 camera set up. I understand all aspects of media production both in front of and behind the camera and can advise you on the production of any type of media, inlcuding how to set yourself up with equipment and how to get your media edited.


Whether it's one video or podcast or hundreds, I can advise you on how to produce your multimedia content cost effectively.