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I quite literally fell into professional speaking. I had no idea what a professional speaker was until I joined a group of business people in the early 90’s in Sydney called SWAP (Sales People with a Purpose). There were lots of people in this group claiming to be professional speakers. One day I asked what that was and they explained. I couldn’t believe you could make a living out of that. Then at one of the meetings I was asked to be the 5 minute speaker, as I was new. What do I say I asked, they suggested I just tell people about myself, and my reply was “in 5 minutes?” That was the beginning of the fun and rewarding world of keynote presentations which lasted from 1992 to 1996.

At that breakfast where I gave my 5 minute presentation was one of Australia’s most loved and successful speakers – Ron Tacchi. He approached me after the presentation and asked me if I’d ever considered public speaking. Of course I said no, I only learnt what one was a couple of weeks before. He suggested I could be good and we formed a lasting friendship until he died in 2010, and he became my coach and mentor for my tenure on the speaking circuit.

At the time I had no topic, all I had been up till then was a high school Home Economics Teacher and a various other part time positions I had secured during my educative years. So when asked what I should talk about, he suggested Profile Development and Management (Communication Skills and Image Consulting). But because I had not really ever studied these topics, he packed me up with dozen of books on the subject and sent me away to learn, which I did for the next six months, under his guidance and mentoring.

At the end of that time I’d compiled a series of presentations, written a book on the topic and was ready to face the clients. Ron secured me my first clients and word spread and soon I was being booked for 1-2 presentations a week. It kept me busy for 4 years until I was invited to audition for the new cable Home Shopping Network – TVSN. I set aside speaking for television and although I still do keynote speaking, media became my presentation medium of choice from 1996 onwards.

That was the beginning of a job I never knew existed that kept me busy for four years until I went into media, where I have remained for 16 years. Both skills were the beginning of what I do now and both are used on a daily basis in my current business activities.

My career path has guided me into sought after arenas and the topics I have developed expertise in are now in demand, so I’ve ventured back out into the speaking circuit to share my knowledge, expertise and experience. But since we are also in the digital age, I can also present a live webinar to your staff, clients or contractors on any digital topic I cover. Please ask me about this interactive service.

My topics include…

  • I Need Another Me
  • How to Really Make QR Codes Work for You
  • Creating Your Own Content Factory – The Only Real Way to Drive Web Traffic
  • Multimedia – The Most Engaging Content – How to Produce it Cost Effectively and Quickly
  • How to Repurpose Content to Drive Traffic and Build Your Online Business
  • Crowdsourcing – How to Transfer Your Skills and Create Another You
  • SYSTEMS (Save Yourself Time Energy and Money) The Core of Effective Business Management

I am available for a staff meeting, conference, training seminar or just to speak to your Executives, Directors or Board about moving your business and employees into the 21st century where the future is online and the workplace and workforce is global.

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