Audio and Video Presentations

I have been presenting for over 25 years. I started out in the classroom as a teacher, then moved into the corporate arena as a speaker and trainer, then radio and television.

In the initial stages I had no dreams of presenting professionally, but as circumstances presented themselves over the years, I took opportunities and developed the skills I have today.

On this site and my food site you will see many examples of my audio and video presentation style. I have professional recording facilities in my office and can produce voice over for all multimedia and present scripted or unscripted video and I can do Chroma key if required.

I have been voicing scripted radio segments since 2005. My BiteSize Cooking Radio Vignettes have been on Australian radio stations since then and have won several Food Media Awards. I regularly do live adlib radio segments with some of Australia’s leading radio stations, and I produce all my own and client’s multimedia from concept to airing/posting.

I can work with your scripts, or script content for you. I can do adlib or autocue for video and I can take your existing video and write scripts for it, if it is not voiced.

You can listen and watch examples of my work in my Portfolio.


Need a Voice Over for an Ad or a Presenter for Your Videos?

Let me help you present your content professionally. I can do your voice over for you, present your video or train you to both yourself. It's not hard, it just takes practice!