Evidence suggests that S. Renee is an emerging national leader in the areas of self and image development. The author of two popular books, There Is More Inside and The Bridge to Your Brand: Likability, Marketability, Credibility, she is currently working on her third book, Our Hearts Wonder, set to release October 2014. She is also co-authoring a book for the world’s bestselling reference brand, Self-Esteem for Dummies that will release January 2015.

If you are ready to meet the real you and live life on your terms, the book There Is More Inside, will take your day-to-day challenges and teach you how to see the purpose, create opportunities, and find your place in God’s big picture for your life.

Understand how to overcome peer pressure, learn to listen and respond to your own needs, increase your confidence, and create the life that you know you deserve, then listen to this podcast with S.Renee as she talks about the contents of her first book “There’s More Inside”.