I recently had the privilege of chatting with Barnaby Andersun, the founder and principal brand strategist at Brand Aloud, and author of the book “Live a Free Life”.

I first came across Barnaby almost 15 years ago, when my own online business interests began. We lost contact for a long time then when social media became part of our daily lives, we reconnected on Facebook.

Over the past year, Barnaby has been living the life I dream about. I began following his blog after downloading his book “Live a Free Life” and patiently await his updates so I can continue to picture myself doing something very similar.

I emailed him and asked if he’d be interested in doing a podcast with me and he obliged.

But before we get started, a little bit more about Barnaby and his background, just to set the scene.

Starting life as a designer and writer, he quickly became a serial entrepreneur gaining over 20 years of business, marketing and branding experience. He’s worked with both large corporations as well as small scale projects where the aim was to drive a business’ short term growth and expansion.

Well known for bringing his energy, enthusiasm, entrepreneurial zeal and creativity to any new project or challenge, Barnaby is a highly regarded international keynote speaker and author, having trained over two thousand people around the world in how to brand and market their businesses.

Starting in IT as a designer and writer in 1993, Barnaby quickly saw the potential of the Internet and launched his own web consultancy in 1995, and grew it to a full team of developers over the next 15 years. Following a successful sale of his web design firm in 2010 Barnaby wanted to focus on helping businesses build brands that would succeed from day one.

Barnaby now travels the world, living in different countries and working on several creative projects. These include the new books he’s working on that show people how to live a free life from anywhere in the world, without the restrictions of being tied down by bills, contracts or obligations. Too many people are living like we’re still in the 20 the century, Barnaby’s goal is to show them how to embrace the amazing technologies of the 21st century and be free.

Have a listen to how he does it, it’s amazing. Please excuse my audio though, I was trying a new recording software and it’s not that great, back to the drawing board I guess. Barnaby on the other hand sounds fabulous.