Congratulations, you have been selected for a position with the VLH Enterprises oDesk Teams. Before you can be formally hired and begin working with my company, you must register on our database and agree to our contractual conditions. Failure to register and agree to the conditions will mean you will not be offered a position.

Please select your time zone. If I know your time zone it helps me accurately give you deadline times. If I assign a task and give you a deadline that is impossible for you to meet because of the time you received the task, we are going to have issues. If I know your time zone, I can assign tasks more accurately.

Office Hours
My office hours are 9am to 6pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). I do not expect you to work through your night to be online with me, but we do need to spend some time during each day online together so we can communicate and discuss projects on Skype. There will be some time in both our time zones when this can happen and I need to know from you when that crossover is. Please tell me the best times of your day that also coincide within my normal working hours. There may be times I require your services out of your normal working hours, and I need you to be available on these occasions as required. I will try to keep these to a minimum.
Please tell me the AEST you will be online

Rates and Responsibilities
Contractors are rarely hired on a finite hourly rate or fixed rate, this will change depending on the task assigned, the client and the budget at the time. Will you accept that your rate and terms of contract may change from task to task?

 Yes No

Task Assignment and Engagement Requirements
All tasks assigned to you will be posted in Producteev, the platform I use to assign and monitor tasks. You will need to download the Producteev software and set up a free account, and then advise me of the email address you set your account up with so that I can invite you to the team. Each time a new task is assigned, you will be notified via email through Producteev and the details of the task along with links to any tutorial videos that are applicable and the Dropbox or Google Drive folder where you will find the necessary files associated with the particular task.

Most tasks are given time frames for completion and it is up to you to say whether you can meet the deadlines. If not, you must notify me. Some tasks will be ongoing until the project is complete and for these tasks you will just work until the project is complete.

If you do not respond to a task allocation or message in Producteev within 24 hours of posting, your contract may be in jeopardy as we have deadlines to meet with clients. If for some reason your internet is down or you are sick, please SMS me via mobile so I am aware and do not jeopardise you. My mobile number will be provided once you sign this agreement and are formally engaged through oDesk.

As you work on a task, you need to report in at the end of each day with an update of your progress so that I can record it in my daily report sheet which is then send to clients so they can see the status of their projects with me. If there is any corrections or amendments to be done you will be notified.

Then when you complete a task, you must notify me via a post that is finished and ready for review. If you are doing subtasks under a major project, you must notify as each one is completed. If you are on a fixed price contract, you will only be paid once your task is final, unless otherwise agreed. You will need to set up your Producteev, Dropbox and Google Drive account, if you have not already done so, before filling in the following. Please use the links in the sidebar to do that now before proceeding.

You are not permitted (ever) to log Manual Time on oDesk. Failure to login if you're on an hourly rate, will mean forfeiture of payment.

Do you understand and accept all of the above?

 Yes No

What is the email you've used for Producteev, Dropbox and Google Drive?

Requirements as a Contractor to VLH Enterprises. You must have the following in order to work with me...
-A large capacity hard drive or external hard drive if you are editing media
-A Dropbox and Google Drive account
-The required software for the tasks you are being engaged for and will be assigned (this will vary from contractor to contractor)
-A fast and reliable internet connection

Do you have all of these?

 Yes No

Multimedia Release Agreement
As a contractor to VLH Enterprises Pty Ltd and their clients or affiliates, through or directly, I grant to the absolute and irrevocable right and permission, in respect to the content or parts thereof I submit to the VLH Enterprises or create for, to own and register all the same copyrights in its own name.

I grant all rights to use, reuse, publish and republish and otherwise reproduce, modify, and display the same, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other matter and in conjunction with any other matter in any and all material developed, and to use my name in connection with the content should that be required.

This use includes custom programming code, plugins, plugin modifications, video and video products, television, radio, cable/we casting, podcasting, World Wide Web (WWW) sites, and printed materials, and includes the image, voice, appearance, graphics, 2d and 3d animations and renders', music beds and any other activities or participation in this project.

I release and discharge the producer from any and all claims in connection with the use of the multimedia I produce and my name, likeness, and identity, including without limitation any and all claims for libel, privacy, or publicity. The producer may assign, license, or otherwise transfer all rights granted.

This authorization and release also inures to the benefit of the heirs, legal representatives, licensees, and assigns of VLH Enterprises. I read and fully understand and agree to the contents of this document. This release is binding for me, my heirs and legal representatives and any agencies I work for while under contract to VLH Enterprises.