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I use Skype to record my interview podcasts. The audio quality is best when my guest is also on Skype rather than on a phone and although the quality is audible, it actually distorts both my voice and yours, so where possible, if you have a Skype account, please provide the name so I can connect with you. Another alternative is through a Google+ Hangout.

Ideally you should have a USB headset rather than using the built in computer speakers, as this also improves the audio quality dramatically. If you do not have a headset nor wish to use Skype or a Hangout, then we can do a phone call. If you do not own a USB headset, see if you can borrow one for the podcast, and if not, ensure you are in a quiet carpeted room with the doors closed and no distractions or noises. All of this instruction is in an effort to ensure the best possible audio quality so that your story is what subscribers are listening to, not any distractions.

Which communciation method would you prefer to use?

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Media Release

You will need to accept my media release in order for us to proceed with the podcast. Please read the following carefully and if you are happy with the details, please acknowledge acceptace of it by selecting "I Agree to the Media Release" checkbox below.

I do hereby grant Victoria Hansen the right to record and make available on the World Wide Web, any interviews with me recorded for the purpose of podcasting via her websites ( and and shared via her social media accounts. I accept that the recordings may be placed behind locked website sections which may incur subscription fees for members. I waive the right to review the edited production(s) before they are posted and I understand I will not be paid for the recordings or the broadcast of them now, or in the future, but acknowledge that in return for my participation in the recordings I will be acknowledged in the recordings and a link will be provided to my website or email address or product landing page from the sites or social media accounts they are posted on or shared to. I accept I will not be given the raw or produced audio files but will be provided with links to the streaming media which I can link to/or embed within a player on my site should I choose to do so.