What is most appealing about repurposing content is its ability to save you considerable time and effort. You’ll have heard that old adage ‘why re-invent the wheel’. Well repurposing is the epitome of that saying. By taking one resource, and re-using it over and over again in any number of ways, you’re effectively reducing the effort it would take to write or produce totally unique pieces every time. Depending on how you rehash it, you can use the new content both on and offline.

How often are you stumped for an idea to post online? By drawing inspiration from other sources, then reworking it into a new, original piece, will save you money and far less time than if you did all the work from scratch.

Then from that new piece, repurpose yet again. Create more copy or consider repurposing into various forms of multimedia. The options are only limited to your imagination and budget. So you see – you’re not reinventing the wheel, just giving it a shiny new coat of paint!