This morning on my walk with Gracie, I caught up with a familiar face. An elderly lady who crosses my path most days if we happen to walk at the same time. So far all we have said to each other is hello and commented on the weather.

Today was no different, at first, but as we walked side by side for the last part of the track together, I decided to find out a little more about her. Our conversation started with my question “Have you always lived in the Southern Highlands?” Her answer, no, I’ve lived in many places, but I’ve been here for 48 years. I moved here after I left my husband and when my youngest son was five months old. My parents lived here so I moved closer to family to raise my four children.

48 years ago leaving your husband was not an easy thing to do, as I’m sure it never is, and any time trying to raise four children is no walk in the park. But you would never know this about this woman unless you asked.

We all have stories, we know that, and each of ours would probably blow the mind of most of the people we meet, if they bothered to ask what it was. But knowing a little more about another person enables you to see them in a different light, appreciate more of another’s aspect of life.

This practice is not just something we should do with people we pass on the street, but imagine how much richer your business relationships could be if you did this with your clients. And all it takes is a few questions.

This is an easy way to achieve four objectives…

  1. Find out more about your client so you can possibly deliver more value to them.
  2. Record the asking of the questions as an Interview Podcast and create another type and piece of content.
  3. Maybe open up more business opportunities from your existing clients you didn’t know they needed and you could offer.
  4. Maybe even find a new client from someone you see every day.

Don’t put your hand up waiting to be asked, just ask!