I am an insatiable student. I am addicted to technology and the digital delivery of knowledge as a consumer and producer, and I spend and have spent years discovering what does and doesn’t work and how to implement it.

I understand digital language and jargon and have the ability to translate it into terms less aware individuals can understand, and because I have quite literally mastered how to execute most aspects of it, I am uniquely qualified to mediate for companies to their suppliers ensuring they get what they want and need with their digital projects.

Career Highlights

  • Authored and self-published two books, first in 1993 on Personal Management and Profile Building (selling 6,500 copies) and second in 2003 on the Fundamentals of Cooking and Food Preparation (selling over 100,000 copies).
  • Amassed over 1,000 hours of live television presenting on TVSN.
  • Presented a regular weekly radio segment on the Chris Smith afternoon program on Radio 2GB.
  • Presented a weekend 30 minute segment on ‘The Good Life’ on Radio 2GB with Murray Wilton.
  • Presented a weekly segment on ‘The Outdoor and Fishing Show’ on 2GB.
  • Created, produced and distributed BiteSize Cooking® Radio Segments which aired nationally on Australian radio stations.
  • Won 3 Australian Food Media Awards for Best Food Radio Segment.
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My Areas of Expertise

Some people look at what I do and wonder how I can have my fingers in so many pies. This comes from being an insatiable learner and not sleeping very much. Of all things I can do, the following are what I promote on a wider scale. It is these I have the most passion for, and fun doing. Maybe I can do some of them for or with you?

Understanding technology is a full time job. The jargon is endless and ever changing, new processes are constantly being developed and each has its own new terms to describe it. Unless it is your focus, understanding it is a nightmare. Relaying what you want for your digital projects to a supplier is near impossible. There are just too many facets to grasp.

I have been working in the digital arena for almost 15 years. I have developed lots of websites for myself and clients on self-hosted, open source platforms as well as hosted solutions, I produce all my own multimedia content, have worked in front of and behind the camera and microphone in commercial TV and radio, am on all the main social media platforms and understand how they work.

If you need to brief suppliers for your digital projects and want to save yourself money and the associated headaches from dealing with jargon driven suppliers, I can bridge the gap.

I will listen to you what you want, advise you what you can also achieve, compile all the specs in a detailed brief and convey what you need to your supplier. And because you supplier will receive the brief in their language, they’ll be able to execute your project swiftly, efficiently and cost effectively.

I have built countless websites, some from scratch, some revamps of existing, some custom built and worked with hosted and self-hosted platforms. Whilst I am not a programmer, I understand programming jargon and can read and follow HTML, PHP and CSS. I am familiar with all web terminology and can brief programmers to achieve the visual and functional results you desire. I have worked with many platforms, proprietary and open source but I specialise is WordPress and have mastered it. All sites have built are done so as part of the digital strategies I create, therefore they are responsive and incorporate functionality to accommodate mobile.

 Content has always been paramount in any project I have undertaken for myself or for my clients. As a former school teacher, education was not only my profession for many years, but also a passion. I was born to teach and technology has enabled me to do that in a  way I never imagined possible. I am an insatiable student and I love to teach others what I have learnt. This is one of the reasons I have been such as a successful content marketer.

A desire to educate and a knowledge of the means to do it, particularly digitally, are a marriage made in heaven. I have produced content for clients as well as for myself, and in doing so, have mastered the knowledge and skills for all types of content, particularly multimedia. I have produced more than 20,000 pages of food and cooking content for my various cooking websites and the shows I have been a part of on TV and radio, and over 600 pieces of multimedia for clients. I have experience and expertise in writing content strategy, establishment of content delivery channels, re-purposing of existing content and social delivery. I can script, storyboard,present and edit audio and video of all types and understand the various social platforms, their nuances and methodologies.

 I began my presenting career as a corporate speaker and trainer then moved into television and radio. I have had experience in front of and behind the camera in TV and video production and have presented radio segments for more than 15 years on both community and commercial radio. I conceptualised, created, presented, produced and distributed a 45 second radio cooking vignette in 2005 entitled “BiteSize Cooking” which was syndicated across Australia on more than 70 radio stations. The segment is still on air today. It has won two Australian Food Media Awards for Radio. I have also presented several regular TV and radio segments throughout my career including…

  • “The Home Show” – 2NSBFM Chatswood – 2000 – 2004
  • “What’s For Dinner “- Radio 2GB with Chris Smith 2004-2005
  • “Victoria’s Kitchen” – Radio 2GB with Chris Smith 2005-2008
  • “The Radio Kitchen'”- Radio 2GB with Murray Wilton – 2005 – 2009
  • ‘The Outdoor and Fishing Show’ – Radio 2GB with Michael Guest and Gavin Pitchford – 2010 -2013
  • “Good Tucker’ – Radio 2GB with Chris Smith – periodic and ongoing
  • “Cooking with Victoria Hansen” – Radio 2ST – 2011 – present
  • “Fresh Today” – Channels 7 and 9 – for Woolworths (TV Segment) – 2001 – 2005
  • “BiteSize Cooking” – WIN TV on The Susie Show – 2007 – 2009

You can view examples of all of the above in my Portfolio section

My basic training is in food education, beginning my career as a high school home economics teacher. I have been interested in and had a passion for food since I was eight years old and I have based much of my skills and expertise around mastering food education both on and offline. Most of my media experience had been with food and cooking and my expertise in multimedia content production, social and digital marketing has been acquired marketing my food education entities. Some of the companies I have worked with and for in the food industry include Breville Appliances; SMEG Appliances; Hansells Foods; Barilla Pasta; Australian Pork; Horticulture Australia; Moraitis Fresh; Master of Spices; Sunsalt (Murray River Salt); A.Clouet (Ayam); Bunna Bunoo Olives; Woolworths; Hydro Produce; Kleenmaid; Tassal.

My entire business team are crowd sourced contractors from all over the globe. The majority do not speak English as their first language but I have sourced, hired and trained them to execute my projects exactly as I have instructed and I manage them online using crowdsourcing portals and task management platforms. My system and methodology will work for remote contractors anywhere from a person working in the next suburb to a contractor in another country. The principles are the same and I have refined the system to be able to teach others how to do it. I can show you how to set up your own team of crowdsourced contractors from anywhere in the world or other cities within your own country or state.

My Skills

I have mastered many skills in my career, most of which fall under the following categories. You can view, listen or read about all of them in my Portfolio section.

I have been marketing all my life although when I was young I didn’t know what I did had a formal designation. Getting people on board with my ideas, processes, methods or concepts has never been difficult, in fact, generally my enthusiasm for what I conceptualised is enough to get people involved. Marketing is all about giving people what they want, how and where they want it and no matter what your product or service, if you keep that in mind, you will always succeed.

It’s about listening and learning and has never been easier or more affordable than now. Social media has quite literally changed the marketing landscape. There is no excuse anymore that you can’t afford to promote, the web has made it accessible and affordable to anyone who wasn’t to learn. I have simply embraced the technology and use it to its fullest capacity. I understand the social web, I understand marketing and it’s execution and I understand what drives traffic on and offline. I can show you how to integrate all these into your marketing strategy.

I have been presenting (audio and video) for many years. It began as a high school teacher in front of a class, teaching them about food, cooking and nutrition. From there I moved in professional speaking and training and spent many years on the Australian Professional Speaking circuit educating corporate’s about communication skills and personal marketing. I then moved into community radio as an interviewer, cable TV as a home shopping live TV host, commercial TV as a hots and client representative doing infomercials, then my own cooking segments on other hots shows. I can do… 
  • Voice Over for Radio
  • Voice Over for Video and TV
  • Voice Over for Web
  • Video Presenter
  • Live TV autocue or adlib presenter
  • Scripted or adlib video presenter
  • Keynote Speaker
I was born to train, I am absolutely certain this is my calling in life. All I ever wanted to be as a child was a teacher and that’s what I focussed on at school. As a result I won a scholarship to study at the University of Westen Sydney and graduated with a Diploma of Education. But as the years have moved on, I transitioned from the school classroom to the corporate classroom and finally to the digital classroom.

I am a teacher, I will always be a teacher and it’s what I do better than anything else I have mastered. The communication skills I have naturally, I have honed, and now from years of practice I am able to train anyone, in anything that I have mastered or am provided the information about. Some of these include… Staff training on my areas of expertise which include digital marketing, social media marketing, content production, multimedia production, cooking and food preparation, web development, computer and mobile device operation and remote contractor recruitment and management.

As a teacher, one of my best attributes is my ability to take complex information and present in ways the audience can grasp. This could be a user manual for a product, software or web platform screen capture tutorials, computer and mobile devices operation, physical product demonstrations to live audiences or video demonstrations of physical products. These demonstrations can be live or pre-taped, scripted or adlib. I can also take difficult to understand or jargon heavy product manuals and turn them into animated video demonstrations. You can see samples of my work in my Portfolio section.
I self-published my first book “Good Better Best” about personal marketing and communication in 1992. I printed small quantities and sold the book ‘back of room’ when I spoke at conferences or training seminars while a professional speaker and trainer. It became my calling card, and my product and it opened many doors during that phase of my career. I was new to publishing then but although simple in its construction and deployment, it was a huge success. I sold 6,500 copies over 4 years, when 5,000 copies was considered and still is, a best seller in Australia. The book was a great product for me as it showcased what my training and presentations were about, and also generated revenue BOR after my sessions.

Then in 2003 I resurrected my passion and chosen field of food and cooking and produced my second self-published book, a cookbook, called “First Principles – The Basics Cooking Handbook”. I modelled it on The Common-sense Cookbook which I, and many other Australian school children, grew up with. I t contains all the base recipes and skills and techniques for the beginner cook and is a kitchen bible. The book has sold over 100,000 copies.

I will continue to self-publish my literature, but moving forward, it’s more likely to be an App or a mobile website.

Excerpts from the books can be found in my Portfolio section.

In 2000 I began presenting the “Fresh Today” TV segments for Woolworths and Australian Good Taste Magazine. The segments were 60 seconds and aired just before the 6pm and 9.30pm news breaks on Channels 7 and 9. They ran for four years. From 2002 I began writing the scripts.

In 2005 I launched BiteSize Cooking Radio Vignettes. A concept I created, scripted, presented, edited and distributed. It still airs today on several Australian radio stations and many of the vignettes have also be converted to video for YouTube and other social video sharing platforms.

From my experience with both of these activities, I have developed exceptional script writing skills and am able to condense detailed information into bite size chunks (pardon the pun) to convey messages in short amounts of time and keep the script within an allotted time frame. Although most of my experience is food related, I can write scripts about any topic or subject matter.

Why Work with Me?

  • I’m self-motivated, inquisitive, focussed, driven, and committed
  • I’m an analytical, strategic and holistic thinker
  • I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge so I am always abreast of what’s happening
  • I thrive on imparting knowledge to others
  • I am fascinated by technology and always looking for better ways to deliver content


As executive producer of the Afternoon Show on Radio 2GB Sydney, Victoria Hansen was my only choice to prepare and present a regular lifestyle oriented food segment. She was an instant audience hit – informative, creative and fun – a natural communicator who passionately loves her craft and is gifted at it. Her organisation, preparation and presentation is invariably of the highest standard.
Brian Carlton, Former EP, Chris Smith Show 2GB Sydney
Victoria is an outstanding professional who always delivers above and beyond. Excellence in every aspect of her work is always foremost. She has a smile and a presence that makes everyone sit up and take note. I would thoroughly recommend Victoria both professionally and personally.
Julie Rush, Former Sponsorship Manager, Woolworths Ltd
Victoria is the consummate food media professional. One of her key strengths is translating client messages into sharp, easy to grasp presentations for target audiences and she’s exceptionally good at doing that.
Margot Gorski, Director, PR Matters
Victoria has been a long term associate, both in television production and in the screen education sector. In all cases Victoria has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and integrity. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate on creative projects.
Louise Clarke, Producer, Television
Victoria has extensive knowledge of her subject and presents it in an extremely competent and comprehensive manner. She is a joy to work with – patient, reliable, confident and highly organised with a great sense of humour and style. Victoria was a weekly presenter on a national television program I produced and proved to be very popular with our audiences across Australia.
Cilla Aslanadis, Retired WIN TV Producer
As a fellow food writer, I am happy to endorse Victoria’s work as a food educator at BiteSIze Cooking. She is a skilled communicator, is very knowledgeable in the field and has a huge enthusiasm for her work.
Pat Churchill, Freelance Food Writer, Churchill Communications
I first met Victoria at 2NSB 99.3 FM when she hosted the Home Show. The story behind my establishing DIAL-AN-ANGEL is an interesting tale albeit somewhat complicated. I found her to be charming and professional with an inherent ability to put her interviewees at ease. An intelligent and interested interviewer, she had prepared herself well and was able to draw upon her background knowledge seamlessly. My further contact with Victoria was also through radio when she was at 2GB with Chris Smith and Murray Wilton. A delightful lady.
Dena Blackman, Director, Dial-an-Angel Pty Ltd
Victoria is a consummate professional. Every task she undertakes is painstakingly researched and planned to deliver the best possible result. Her diligence and expertise ensure that she keeps up to date and sets the benchmark for all that is new and exciting in the food industry. Victoria’s vast experience and professional network ensure that she can work in various areas of the industry in different capacities, always delivering beyond the expectations of her client.
Rachel Dal Santo, Freelance Make-up Artist
Victoria is a talented and organised presenter and chef. Cooking for Television requires excellent time management and organizational skills, Victoria integrates these skills into an entertaining and friendly presentation style. Victoria looks great on camera and always makes sure her dishes look great too.
Paul Maccabei, Creative Director, WIN Television
I was lucky enough to work with Victoria whilst working within the Food Industry and found her to be incredibly polished, engaging and knowledgeable. Victoria is an impressive and articulate woman who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and I would not – and do not – hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking to work with a consummate professional – who knows how to have fun, a rare combination.
Karen Gerrity-Newham, Former Business Manager, Hollard Financial Services
I have observed Victoria Hansen in action in many different situations. She has always conducted herself in an absolutely professional manner that befits a person of her abilities. The knowledge and expertise she has displayed shows she has a complete grasp of the tasks at hand, yet her ability to clearly explain the intricacies of sophisticated systems and programs involved to those unfamiliar with these is frankly amazing. The dedication to complete the projects she has in hand is outstanding, on time and in time is what is delivered as needed by the client. I can confidently endorse her qualities to any organisation that is considering using her comprehensive skills and personal dedication.
Clem Hinchliffe, MRACI Chartered Chem
Victoria produces a first-class podcast. She’s well-organized, does her homework and asks provocative questions. I’ve been interviewed on many podcasts, and hers was one of the most professional.
Paul Gillin , B2B Social Media Adviser, Author and Trainer
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